Abu Dhabi’s Bedouin Village is a portal to the region’s traditional ethos which prevailed prior to the ascendancy of oil. Located on Mussafah Road beyond Abu Dhabi International Exhibition Centre, this model town is a treasure trove for history lovers who wish to experience the vibrant cultural heritage rich in the legends, customs and values inherent in the simple life of the Arabian nomad.

Bedouin Village is famed for its comprehensive replicas which have been expertly made true to the originals. The most notable among these are the houses of mud-bricks used by sheiks, wind towers and a representation of the irrigation system used in the United Arab Emirates in ancient times. Also on display are artifacts which were once mundane items such as antique coins jewelry and clothing, but now provide a valuable cultural link. The diving equipment, weapons and other objects of military value witness the vitality of the regions history while the collection of Holy Korans bespeaks its spirituality.

However, this heritage village is not merely a museum encasing exhibits but provides the visitor with a realistic multi dimensional experience. At Bedouin Village, tourists can actively partake of the spirit of the bygone era enjoying camel rides and bargaining at traditional souks in real Arabian style! The village’s fusion of enjoyment and education has elevated it to a principal destination in Abu Dhabi attracting both adults and children to an exciting journey to the past. A trip to Bedouin Village leaves the visitor with a more complete and deeper understanding of both the past and the present of the United Arab Emirates.

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