The Macau Wine Museum is a significant place among the tourists visiting in. This museum was officially opened on the 25th of December 1995. The purpose of inaugurating such a place was to educated visitors about the brewing techniques and culture of wine. The museum takes about 1400 square meters of land where you will find a collection of a huge variety of wines. The collection includes over 1115 makes of wine where 756 of them are commercial wines and the rest belong to collections. The oldest brand of wine displayed in the museum is ‘Martle’ which was made in 1815.

This amazing museum filled with delicious wine is segmented in to three key parts. Namely the area dedicated for history of the process of wine making, the wine display, and the area which houses the collection of wine. When you enter the museum you will surely entertain and educate yourself both at once. It is quite very interesting how the museum elaborates the history of the expansion of grape, the utensil used and the process of brewery, and the present developed techniques used in the production of wine. The visitors get the rare chance of tasting about 50 varieties of freshly brewed wine. The process of wine production starts from plucking, fermenting, bottling and corking. The wines displayed in the museum belong to a very late period. Another part of the exhibits show porcelain bricks that are designed with drawings that belongs to the 18th century which some of them are originals and the others replicas. The drawings in the bricks boast vineyards and grape wine.

A visitor would never forget this experience in the wine museum where you get to experience a unique and rare sight of how the tasty top quality wines are brought to your doorstep. It also brings out the fact that wine plays a significant role in Portuguese traditions. For the travelers stopping by the Macau Wine museum, the Galaxy Macau Resort Hotel would be a perfect spot to relax and explore the surroundings. If you want luxury hotels Macau, this Macau hotel will be ideal.