Xiamen is a city on China’s south eastern coast that is bursting with an exotic array of sights, scents, sounds and flavours. When visiting the city, check into a quality Xiamen hotel that will open up your taste buds in ways you never thought possible to truly experience authentic Xiamen at its best. One hotel in Xiamen that boasts some excellent dining options to satisfy the fussiest foodie is the Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen. But if your palate is craving some delicious and steaming street food offerings at its best, visit the Taiwan Snack Street to sample a gastronomical variety of all that is sweet, savoury, spicy and everything in between. An exciting aspect of Renhe Street, this neighbourhood bursts into a busy thoroughfare that will linger on the senses long after you’ve left. Authorities invite notable food outlets from famous night markets in the city such as Taipei Shihlin, Keelung Temple, Kaohsiung and other outlets from various other markets in eleven counties across Taiwan. So visit the delectable market if you’re craving some herb-infused, deep-fried chicken, or the unique flavours that come wrapped in a pepper cake. Discover the unique appeal of a small bun that comes wrapped in a larger bun for a hefty dose of carbohydrates if you’re lacking any, and for a hearty serving of some welcome comfort food, sample of the steaming bowls of delicious braised pork rice. Be sure you impose a strict self-fast about a day before you visit Taiwan Snack Street, as chances are you’ll be waddling out of this unique foodie haven several pounds heavier but loads happier than when you skipped in!

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