The high profile street of Makati Avenue is indeed a path commonly trodden by the powerful and the thriving who take refuge in its glossy hotels or spend time within its giant commercial complexes.  Metro Manila is without a doubt one of most popular cosmopolitan areas in the world. As one of the 17 cities that make up this popular area, Makati has earned a great deal of attention and is indeed the financial capital of Philippines. With so much to do and things to see, Makati has a constant flow of tourists everyday in addition to its already heavily dense population which is ranked to be 41st among the most populated cities. That may perhaps is an excuse for having a throng of skyscrapers in the city, that includes PB com tower and G.T International tower and indeed the fifty tallest structures in the entire Philippines seem to have come together at Makati. The area thus exudes cosmopolitan culture with giant shopping complexes, condominiums and other commercial complexes that claim whatever room it can from the sky, as if the earth is no longer enough for their growth and expansion. These do indeed impart an almost intimidating sense of importance to the city.

The Makati avenue is that area which together with the Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas comprise the Ayala triangle. The avenue is home to some of the most well known hotels in the region and is a superb location for visitors to find their comfort zone with a choice of options that quite spoils them. The avenue is also better known as the Wall Street of Philippines, a title that it maintains with much dynamism and strength.  Offering a reliving contrast from the line up of luxury hotels is the Ayala museum that unfolds like a page from the history of Philippines. The museum allows one to glance through a great deal of years in the history of this country and includes recreated structures of old native boats and structures.

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