An area of archaeological significance in The UAE, with its roots back to the 3rd millennium BC is situated at Al Hilli. Remains include tombs and a Falaj from the Iron Age. Some of the finds from here have been taken out to be exhibited in the Al Hin National museum.

It is said that the `Hili 1’ as it is referred to today, was a high tower standing in the middle of the park. It displays architectural trails from a bygone era and there are partitions that are visible that have been served by a well in the middle of this circular structure. A second structure referred to as ‘HIli 10’ has also been discovered here, close to the entrance of the park. Similar to both designs are the thick mud brick walls that have survived all these years suggesting the fine engineering that would have existed back then.

The ‘Tomb N’ as it is known, the third structure discovered here, was found to contain other belongings such as pottery, ornaments and other memorabilia. This was essentially used to bury bodies; most bodies were found to be buried over 100 to 200 years ago. With fascinating sites such as the Al Buhais and Mezyad graves, Abu Dhabi is a place where you will find plenty of archaeological places of interest.

However, one would be quick to point out those memories of a bygone era evident in the archaeological sites, and the ancient tombs and sites, are the last thing that will cross your mind as you cruise along the stylish city.

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