Phuket in Thailand is usually known for its stunning beaches, resorts, spa activities and programmes. However, Phuket also boasts of a range of fun activities for the entire family. One such place is the Dino Park. Situated next to the Marina Phuket Resort, it is caught on a hill in the middle of two beaches – Kata and Karon beaches.

Spread out on this hill, the park is a thematic dinosaur park that takes you back to pre historic times. It is mostly an eighteen hole mini golf course, which has been set in and around the theme of dinosaurs in Jurassic park.

Each hole blends well with the theme and the course runs through the entire park. The ever popular T-Rex shares space with other favourites such as the Brontosaurus, Pterodactyl and Stegosaurus amongst others. These real life size replicas of roaring pre-historic creatures are merged together with numerous waterfalls, streams, caves and even a volcano that erupts!

The mini golf course is suitable for adults and children and is an enjoyable family outing. However, the admission rate paid for children depends on how tall they are and not how old they are – if they are playing golf.

Even if golf is not your cup of tea, simply walking around the park can be an enjoyable outing. Admission fees in this case will be half the normal rate. There is a wonderful restaurant and bar serving various Thai as well as Western fare that is simply delicious. The Dino Burger is a must try. Open from 10am until midnight, visitors just outside the park can sometimes be lucky to catch the baby elephant that is brought out in the night. This makes for a great photo opportunity as well.

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