Pondicherry, once a French colony has still quite a show to put on. Located in Tamil Nadu , there are quite a number of tourists who visit the city. Pondicherry Hotel is One of the key attractions in the city is the botanical garden. It is regarded as a masterpiece that adds value to Pondicherry. It is a great recreational as well as educational treasure. If you visit to stay in the close proximity to the gardens then there are quite a few hotels and guest houses in the vicinity. One that has been popular due to its location is, Hotel Atithi.

The entry to the gardens is a great reminiscent of the French architecture, the gate that welcomes guest adds french grandeur to the Tamil old town. The garden was laid out in 1826 and was highly influenced by the French styles and designs. The gravel paths, beautifully pruned trees, and fountains are great ornaments to this layout. The 22 acres land is home to many exotic plants introduced during the French period. There are over 1500 species of plants and each come with a placard indicating their name. Some of them indicate interesting information about the plants such as its use, medicinal value, the amount of oxygen generated and where it originated. The garden was opened mainly as an experimental piece to see which crops could grow in the area.

Today the garden has become a recreational area for locals to enjoy their weekends and for foreigners to escape the city life and step into the greenery. Children can enjoy toy train rides within the gardens there are also two out of the six fountains which are musical fountains, over the weekend shows take place at these fountains.

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