Deemed as one of most challenging dance forms in the arts field, ballet is a performance dance that requires discipline, flexibility and amazing work ethic. Possibly one of the reasons why the performing arts of ballet is widely appreciated by layman and experts alike, ballet is a genre of dance that is often arduous to master. Honing the intricate skills of ballet demands one’s utmost dedication and commitment as its poised style and tiers have become a highly technical form of dancing, especially over the recent years.

A performing art that has gained much interest, techniques of ballet have been known to be extremely powerful, touching the hearts of the audience. Having the innate ability to sway the feelings of the spectators, most often the performances move people to tears while others make people feel a sense of ecstasy. However, no matter what the performance entails, tragedy or drama, one element remains the same; the spectacular movements of the ballet performers.
An important event to the New Zealanders, the 2011 Tower Tutus on Tour will undoubtedly attract many people around the world, as the performances exude elegance, class and grace. This year, the main concentration of the performances will be about families. Encapsulating a sense of family-friendly entertainment for everyone to enjoy, it is bound to be a perfect time for adults and children alike to enjoy.

An event that is organized biennially, the Royal New Zealand Ballet will travel around the country between February and April. In hopes to visit both cities and towns, the people of New Zealand will be able to witness the dancers in all their glory whilst they perform the two productions planned for the tour: Pinocchio and Verdi Variations.

A children ballet, Pinocchio is a classical piece that children will love as it will prove to be a brilliant show-piece of a traditional children’s story. A story that comes to life, the ballet performers will present an entertaining and amusing tale that will engage the audience in an unforgettable ride.

A sparkling piece, Verdi Variations will be a stunning performance of incredible duets and dramatic solos. A grand performance, it promises to be an impressive performance filled with dazzling tiaras and exquisite tutus.

A night of breathtaking performances, the event will be held in town halls, school gymnasiums and community theatres in over 40 cities and towns. Lovers of classical ballet are bound to have an amazing time, astounded by the grace and poise of the choreographic movements.

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