Home to some of the most exquisite looking beaches and daring surf points in Bali’s South coast; Seminyak is a vibrant city that draws travellers to its high end stores, nightclubs and chic resorts, such as the Alila Seminayak Bali, for example. Seminyak is a great alternative to the noise and crowds of neighboring Kuta; so if you want to experience the beauty and party atmosphere of Kuta, minus the masses, this is the place to be.

Seminyak’s ambiance is much more chilled out: with clear beaches and golden sunsets, it provides a great setting for anyone looking for a secluded and romantic vacation. And those are just a few reasons Seminyak Wedding Venues have risen in popularity among couples searching for the perfect topical wedding location.

One of those highly sought after locations is St Mikael Christian Protestant Church. Located just a short drive away from the resort enclave, surrounded by lush foliage and the heady fragrance of tropical flowers, St Mikael Christian Protestant Church is an iconic landmark continues to serve the local community. Constructed over 30 years ago, its famous for its Gothic designed architecture, something that is quite rare in the region.

The imposing structure is made charming by the white and blue shades that colour its exterior walls. Inside, beautiful but simple white walls and vaulted ceilings complement the dark tones of the wooden pews that lead you up the 15 meter aisle to the alter. The pièce de résistance here are the enchanting stained glass windows that rise up behind the alter, casting a kaleidoscopic of colours across the marble floors and ceiling. 5 in total, each one depicts scenes from the bible, and according to historians, the stained glass was originally made in England over a century ago, before they found a home at Santo Mikael Church.

Bali has several beautiful locations for a dream wedding, but the Santo Mikael Church, with its tropical garden, classical architecture and humble interior make it a perfect setting for a memorable wedding.

Caleb Falcon is a travel writer who specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.