In the 21st century, entertainment has taken on a whole new dimension: what commenced with the idea of black and white moving pictures in the 20th century has now progressed to four dimensional entertainment! Because of the difficulty of providing such an experience, 4D films can only be viewed in certain theatres and movies such as Avatar and Journey to the Center of the Earth were viewed by lucky filmgoers in 4D. However, for the curious, the four dimensional entertainment experience can be witnessed when staying in a Sentosa resort Singapore for the famous island is home to Sentosa 4D Adventure Land: the first ever 4D theatre in Southeast Asia.

For the convenience of experiencing the wonders of the island, opt to stay at W Singapore Sentosa Cove, or any of the other hotels on the island itself, for the attractions of Sentosa is then only a walk or shuttle bus ride away. The benefits of residing nearby is the ease of access and since Sentosa 4D Adventure Land opens at 10am, tourists can waste little time in beginning their exciting exploration of the adrenaline packed island.

The wonders of 4D Adventure Land can be experienced using the One-Day Adventure Pass which allows tourists to go on the immersive rides. The immersive film on offer is Journey 2: The Mysterious Island while tourists also have the option of trying out the absolutely exhilarating Extreme Log Ride which is a virtual 4D roller coaster.

For the few who feel the need to be active, Desperados is excellent for it is an interactive game that allows you to shoot-out and experience what Sentosa proudly titles the first ever shoot-out 4D experience in Asia. For tourists who have already visited Adventure Land and experienced the rides, the new ride Green Lantern – Fight Against Fear would prove to be attractive. Tourists should note that certain height restrictions apply for some of the rides and they can also opt for the immersive experience by purchasing tickets for individual rides.

Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers. Google+