Japan’s capital Tokyo is an interesting city which is also the largest of the country. Be it shopping, dining or entertainment Tokyo is a place that is second to none and it is also equally beautiful and modern. It is a distinctive city that is made to offer its visitors with memories that will last a lifetime.

Ginza, one of Tokyo’s most famous high-class districts will certainly leave its visitors with undying memories. It is well known for high end dining, shopping and extraordinary amusement. Visitors can explore the exciting area of Ginza which is full of interesting boutiques, shopping arcades, tempting restaurants, trendy cafes, eventful night clubs and even art galleries.
Ginza is a place where virtually every world famous brand name and label is available. Known as one of the most lavish places to shop in the world, this classy shopping and dining district is also known for its extravagant rates.

The refined Ginza district was named after silver-coin mint which was established in 1612. It was only following a catastrophic fire that the present Ginza set in motion since 1872, however a few older buildings can be seen even today. The Ginza area is considered to be the most costly in terms of real estate. For instance, just 1 square metre of land in the heart of the district costs nearly 100,000 US dollars.

The best time to explore Ginza is on weekend afternoons when the streets get busy and business hits its peak. Built in 1932, Ginza Wako is a landmark building in the district where many elegant jewellery and various other valuable items can be purchased. Opened in 1889, Kabukiza Theatre is also considered an important place. Visitors to the district can view Kabuki performances throughout the year at this unique theatre. The Sony building that features the most up to date products under the Sony range is also a major attraction located in the district of Ginza. Some of the most trendiest and extravagant department stores include big names like Printemps, Matsuya and Seibu.

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