By the banks of the lovely Xili Lake the visitor to China will find the fascinating Shenzhen Safari Park. Featuring diverse animal and plant life as well as sensational animal performances, the park is a recognized attraction for both locals and visitors. The park has the distinction of being the first wildlife reserve in China to present wildlife without the confines of cages. Over 300 species of animals, many of them endangered or protected varieties are to be found here. Such diverse creatures as Asian elephants, giraffes, pandas, Siberian tigers, flamingos and red-crowned cranes may all be observed here along with many other species.

The safari park is a contrast to the nearby metropolis, an oasis of greenery with lush mountains to its north. With an area of 120 hectares this splendid zoo is divided into three sections according to the habitat and lifestyle of the various animals. Visitors may take advantage of a bus service to visit the various parts of the park.

The adventurous beasts’ zone boasts rare white tigers (a variety of the Bengal tiger), South China tigers, North China tigers (Siberian tigers), wolves, bears, cheetahs and lions, all provided with their own sanctuaries. Guests will also be fascinated by ligers and a tigon, the result of mating between lions and tigers.

The vegetarian zone is well populated by zebras, giraffes, kangaroos, hippopotamuses, camels, pandas and various avian inhabitants like swans and flamingos. Notably the lake for swans is the largest of its kind in China. Guests may take a boat on the lake to admire the beautiful white and black swans at close range. A national treasure of China, the pandas are also very popular amongst visitors.

One of the park’s most appealing features is its multitude of animal performances, held at four performance arenas. A unique feature is the park’s animal parade which features no less than 1,000 animals and 300 actors. The elephants lead the parade, followed by lions, tigers and a selection of other animals.

Another notable feature is the multimedia presentations that enable visitors to learn more about the inhabitants of the park.

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