An Arab Emirate located in the Arabian Peninsula’s northeastern part, the State of Kuwait is the 5th richest country in the world according to its GDP. Similar to most Middle Eastern countries, Kuwait’s economy is vastly centred on its oil industry. The country in fact has the world’s fifth largest oil reserves which produce millions of gallons every day.

Though not really popular as some of its close neighbours such as Dubai and Bahrain, Kuwait too has its fair share of attractions to keep the traveller busy. The country features many outstanding examples of Arabian architecture which are attractions in their own right. Other popular attractions in Kuwait include the Tareq Rajab Museum, Kuwait Towers, the Liberation Tower, Kuwait Zoological Park, Kuwait Mosque, Aqua Park and the Musical Fountain.

Considered to be one of the most fascinating of Kuwait’s numerous attractions, the Musical Fountain has played a significant role in the country’s tourism drive. Located in the Shamiah area of Kuwait City near the ice-skating rink, the Musical Fountain contains a total of 220 fountains on 3 pools that create exhilarating aesthetic designs and even 3-dimensional images. This is basically done by using the varied effects of sound waves and laser lights on water particles. These are beautifully choreographed to ensure maximum entertainment similar to the Sentosa Island musical fountain in Singapore.

The music, lighting, 3 dimensional effects and exhilarating add up to this being a must-see attraction in Kuwait!

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