The Shenzhen Safari Park- which was the first Chinese Zoo to uncage animals is a bright pearl in the bustling metropolis, as per what many people call it to be. It’s a huge wildlife zoo with more than 300 varieties of rare wild animals.

Shenzhen Safari Park
Shenzhen Safari Park | Image Credit : Martin Lewison, Two tigers in Shenzhen Safari Park enclosure, CC BY-SA 2.0

The basic information that you should know

If you reside at a place such as Ascott Raffles City Shenzhen arriving at the zoo is not an issue at all. You can either take a metro line or even the bus according to what you wish. You can enjoy the daytime shows every day, but evening shows are conducted only from May to October.

The Wild Beasts Zone

Let the kids spend their vacations enjoying the rarest of wildlife species, instead of being stuck at your hotel apartment in Shenzhen. The Wild Beasts Zone has tigers, wolves, lions, and even leopards and kids will love to see some hybrids too.

You can enjoy animals performing

At the Animal Performance Zone, amazing performances await visitors. There are 04 performance halls in Safari Park, and they host about 10 animal performances on a daily basis.

The Ocean World

The Ocean World is all about the sea creatures, as its name suggests and among the creatures that will steal your hearts are the dolphins, sea lions, and lemon sharks.

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