Jakarta is the bustling capital city of Indonesia and a place of great history and culture. A modern city filled to the brim with malls, pubs and excellent places to eat at, Jakarta will always excite you! Interested to learn more about things to do in Jakarta?

Ragunan Zoo
Ragunan Zoo |Image Credit : Midori, Sumatran Tiger Ragunan Zoo yawning, CC BY 3.0

1). Monas Tower

An icon of Indonesia and the city’s most respected monument, this is the country’s symbol of independence from colonial Dutch rule! Located in Merdeka Square which means freedom and when you visit here, you can learn all about the country’s past.

2). Ragunan Zoo

Spanning over an incredible 185 hectares and containing over 3600 species of animals including the menacing Komodo dragons, lithe orang-utans and many more! If you’re looking to stay in Jakarta service apartments while you explore the city, there are several options like Ascott Jakarta for example.

3). Kota Tua

A cultural pocket within Indonesia, this is an old colonial city from the Dutch period and there are still plenty of remnants left behind from that era. Visit the museums, drop by a cafe and take in the sights!

4). Dunia Fantasia

Jakarta’s very own interpretation of Disneyland, this takes influence from Western theme parks and offers a pleasant experience! If you’re looking for activities that are more family-oriented, this is the one!

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