Beijing easily assumes its role as the power house of China. It is one of the longest standing and proud citadels of this mystical nation that has managed to surmount itself on a pedestal for the whole world to see. From the global traveller in search of luxuries to pamper themselves with, the business tycoon who signs multimillion dollar deals, to the lowly backpacker who dreams of rubbing elbows with the locals, Beijing has seen tourists of all sizes, shapes and desires. It offers an amazing historical past to explore, excellent options for dining and shopping and just about everything else that you would want to do while on your travel in Beijing. This metropolis is as advanced and dynamic as Shanghai and Hong Kong but lacks the maddening urge to succumb to new age developments, but prefers to pass time through at a more sedate pace. The locals speak the golden standard of Mandarin known as Beijinghua and are more than happy occupying the centre of the known world.

Popular tourist attractions include a portion of the world famous Great Wall of China, the royal Forbidden City, Beijing Zoo, the Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven. The Silver Fox Cave is yet another attraction that is worthwhile seeing. Located 60 kilometres from Beijing, this popular tourist attraction is said to be a karst cave. The actual creation of karst caves are unknown as it is still under heavy research, but the Silver Fox Cave remains to be one of the largest in northern China. Of the 5,000 meters that make up this network of caves, about 3,000 of it is open for tourists to explore.

The numerous rock formations found in the caves will amaze the visitor, such as stalagmites and waterfalls. Rare crystal stones can also be spotted in the Silver Fox Cave, whilst its name came about because of a stalactite that overhangs in the cave is mysteriously shaped like a fox; the detail of this creature is so astonishing that it can be likened to a jade carving. Considered a national treasure, the Silver Fox is 6.6 feet long. There are several routes a visitor can take when traversing this popular Beijing tourist attraction; walking is the most demanding and adventurous, whilst taking at tram car through the caves is also a possible route. There also lies a meandering river that stretches 328 feet and taking a trip by boat on the clear waters that are said to be rich in natural minerals is a magical one.

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