Have a whole day adventure of spills and thrills at Yas Island Water Park occupying an area the size of 15 football fields. There are four thrill levels giving everyone a chance to have an exciting time, from the most timid to the very bold. The 43 rides, slides and attractions are set among a landscape of caves, mountains, rivers and beaches. Yas Water World is an important part of the Yas Island entertainment complex.

The new types of rides are the major attraction here. There are even world firsts and several world largest. The 238 meter long hydro magnetic powered tornado six person waterslide is a world first and largest. The Bubble Barrel’s three meter high surfable sheet wave is a world largest. The 550 meter interactive roller coaster, named the Bandit Bomber is a world first, with water and laser effects that heighten the excitement. Riders are able to take aim at non riders below with water jets and drop water bombs while the attacked can spray water on the riders when they fly past. This is said to be the Middle East’s longest suspended roller coaster. The rattling waterslide is also a world first. Jebel Dana the pearl atop the Pearl Crag is another stupendous attraction. Located in the centre of the park, this is where visitors gravitate to, to get a bird’s eye view of what goes on below, probably a world largest and a first. The attractions in the water park are planned around the theme of a girl’s quest to find a lost pearl. A wave pool, lazy river, the biggest children’s play area in the region, spray and play area for the family, a dining area with traditional Turkish ice cream and other delights, a traditional souk with its own pearl shop, live oysters and pearl diver (another world first), well equipped and serviced cabanas, even interactive gaming featuring a pearl diving adventure and other facilities make Yas Water World an ideal destination for day trippers. The facility was voted the second best themed water park in the world in 2013, by the Los Angeles Times newspaper, the year of its opening.

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