The picturesque Taihu Lake has acquired a firm reputation as a popular sightseeing destination frequented by local residents as well as visitors from overseas. The third biggest freshwater body within China, this attractive lake is admired for its tranquil waters, nearby rolling hills and the appealing man made attractions which have been created in its environs. There are also many great hotels in Wuxi for the travelling tourist as well, an excellent choice being the Millennium Wuxi.
Situated within the southern section of the delta of the River Yangtze this lake has been described as a shimmering pearl in the river delta. Located within the Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces this acclaimed geographical attraction features an array of numerous islets many of which are diverse in their appearance and characteristics. Numerous peninsulas and peaks along the shores of the lake add to the scenic beauty of the locality.

It is often thought that the most advantageously positioned location from which to obtain a panoramic view of the lake is the islet called Turtle Head. This unmistakable location which resembles a giant turtle looking over the waters provides a sensational and beguiling view over this naturally resplendent area. The refreshing breezes, gently rolling waves and the picturesque hillocks in the distance combine to form a picture postcard like scene that will linger in the memory.

The attractive park located on this splendid creation of nature features many attractive trees and flowers which are interspersed with manmade creations, creating a tranquil scene. This combination makes the park elegant and graceful and a delightful place to spend leisure hours. In addition to scenic attractions the visitor will find many interesting sightseeing opportunities in these environs including remnants of historically significant monuments. One of these is the unmistakable Grand Canal which was initially constructed during the time of rule of the Sui Dynasty.

Taihu Lake is also renowned for its delicious food fish which are found abundantly. Visitors should take the opportunity to sample the delectable dish known as ‘Three Whites’ which features white shrimp, whitefish and whitebait. This unique dish is typically prepared on the boat itself as it traverses the waters of the lake.

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