The island of Sri Lanka is not only blessed with an abundance of natural treasures to cherish but its defence forces too have a celebrated history. The air force played a key role in defeating terrorism in the island and was engaged in various activities to ensure the safety of the civilians. One of the places to witness their proud history would be the Sri Lanka Air Force Museum. It is the only national museum that is purely dedicated to aviation and the history of the air force in the island.

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A visit to the museum is a must if you are an aviation enthusiast since it portrays the comprehensive history of the Sri Lankan Air Force (S.L.A.F) as well as goes on to show basic aviation technology. The museum showcases the growth of S.L.A.F over the years and the path it took to reach its current position. The museum was set up in 1993 in Ratmalana with the intention of preserving the legacy of S.L.A.F as well as the history of aviation in Sri Lanka. The museum was later modernized in 2008.

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