Visitors to China are often left intrigued by the beauty they see in the country’s culture. The Chinese have always had a knack for exquisite design, which has pleased those who have had the opportunity to witness it. This design has seeped into the local culture and thus travellers especially enjoy exploring this ethnic side of the nation. China presents its arts and crafts beautifully to outsiders when they visit the nation. One art that these locals have dominated for ages is the making of silk, and they have excelled in it since as early as the Tang dynasty which dates back to the 600’s AD.

The best place to gain insight into this industry is in Suzhou in the Jiangsu Province, which is famous as the country’s silk capital as it has been the centre from production for centuries. It was here that all the silk needed by the royal families was produced, and for a modern day experience, visitors can head to the Suzhou Silk Museum. This popular tourist attraction will introduce visitors to the entire process of the making of silk, form Silkworm rearing to weaving it into lovely products. Visitors will also be able to admire silk relics and silk wonders from contemporary times as well. There are several award winning products on display too which are visual wonders for visitors.

The beautiful building that the museum is housed in is a wonder in itself, as it is inspired by silk. With simplistic white walls that represent the natural colour of silk, silk associated sculptures and spacious areas, it is a relaxing and invigorating place to be. Displays from different eras are exhibited in different halls. After a visit to this museum visitors will want their own silk products to take home, and at the Suzhou Silk Museum there are interesting stores where these products can be purchased. This historical side of China that visitors will view at the Suzhou Silk Museum is educational in addition to being interesting, providing an overall fantastic experience for anyone who visits.

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