Education is fun and interesting when you experience it at the Techniquest. For many families Techniquest is a must stop by when visiting Cardiff. Techniquest is in fact an educational charity whose sole mission is to make people love learning. It was established 27 years ago in 1986. Back in the day learning made children bore but Techniquest brought learning a whole new light. Suddenly the typical mathematics and science became fun and exciting and whatever anyone learnt here in Techniquest, somehow remained in their brains.

To impart education, Techniquest uses a series of hands on interactive exhibits. These exhibits are mainly based on Science, Math and Technology. Exhibits here cater to a range of interests and abilities and stimulate fascination and intrigue in almost all its displays. It is not only through exhibits one learns in Techniquest for they conduct shows and discussions in order to take their message right across Wales. In every way thinking is provoked through Techniquest.

In addition to the exhibits one finds in the Techniquest center in Cardiff, there is also a science theatre and a planetarium which is actually included in the entrance ticket. The planetarium in particular is a favourite among visitors as it provides wholesome information on the science of the stars in a fun and exciting way.

Techniquest believes in constant renewal making two visits to the location hardly identical. The sea of knowledge is limitless and Techniquest uses this fact to its advantage making the centre more interesting and fascinating with plenty of variety. The organization goes one step further providing rare exhibits to school programs and also hosts other interactive and educational programs in malls and other venues. Their increased exposure only makes them even better at the industry and to this day they provide the most fun and interactive educational exhibits in all of Cardiff.
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