Guangzhou is where Cantonese food originated from, and it what the rest of the world most often than not refers to as ‘Canton’. Most travellers to mainland China will find themselves arriving at this gargantuan city that is painted in neon and smattered with towers that glisten by day and sparkle by night. With neighbouring Hong Kong by its side, Guangzhou has latched on to consumerism and a passion for entertainment. Yet beneath all the haze of glitter and glamour there lies a past that still remains in its churches, temples and the beautiful Shamian Island. In the back lanes of the city you may find mansions, temples and gardens that have remained the same for centuries. Just about any type of traveller will be allured by the charm of this metropolis. Guangzhou accommodation is plentiful, shopping is endless and dining is simply divine.

There is something so quaint and humbling when you behold a Chinese temple. And one such example is the Temple of Six Banyan Trees on Liurong Road. The tiered roofs and ornate detailing is simply masterful, and truly a work of art. With a history of over 1,400 years, this tourist attraction in Guangzhou is a wonderful place to explore the culture of Buddhism. Previously called by other names, the temple remains a spiritual place that believers and tourists frequent. It was an acclaimed calligrapher who visited the temple and saw six beautiful banyan trees and was inspired to inscribe ‘six banyans’ for the then abbot of the temple. The temple was re-named after this incident, and has always remained in the heart of the Guangzhou people.

There is much to explore in the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, from relics and stone tablets containing the actual inscription of the famous calligrapher. A large laughing Buddha statue will greet you as you enter, whilst a pagoda with its tiered roofs soars in to the sky. Legend and stories also surround the temple and there is much a tourist or visitor can expect to find.

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