London is a city that still echoes the vibes of the yesteryears. The mosaic of beautifully architected baroque buildings combined with unparalleled attractions from London’s rich history, makes this city worth an entire vacation. For holidaymakers visiting London, short stay London Apartments is generally the more preferred choice than mere hotels. The choices of apartments are many but nothing quite tops the standards of Ascott Mayfair London. From here one can enjoy the luxury of royalty with the added advantage of flexibility.

A popular attraction, located just north of Paddington is Little Venice. The location is made up of a number of crisscrossing waterways giving it a touch of the famous city of Venice in the heart of London. Situated at the junction of the Grand Union and the Regents Canal, this picturesque pool of water is home to an array of interesting cafes, pubs and small restaurants that boast an enchanting backdrop. The area resonates with a charming and serene ambience. From little Venice, visitors can take a relaxing boat trip all the way to Camden Rock. As you sail downstream you will feel like you have been transported to a different universe, away from all the hubbub of the typical London city.

In addition to the boat ride, Little Venice is also famous for the scenic waterside walks. As you walk along this canal, stop by the many eateries and try out their delicacies. The Chinese in particular is a big hit at the Peral Liang and Summerhouse is famous for its sea food delights. For those craving for a little light entertainment, stop by at the Canal Café.

If you walk around 2.5 km north east of Canal route, you will land in Camden. Camden is an area famous for the lock and the markets and is a beautiful lively spot to savor. A little further down and you can stop by at the Regents Park or make a day trip to the London Zoo.

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