Hong Kong’s Temple Street Night Market is famous for many reasons. It is the last remaining Night Market in Hong Kong and is the one-stop-destination for everything that comes with a price tag. Indeed the market has much to offer the curious visitor and carries an atmosphere that is typical of a Chinese market which explains why the location has often been chosen as a backdrop to many Chinese-based films.

The Temple Street Night Market is situated in Temple Street in the Yau Ma Tei district in Central Kowloon and stretches a distance of one kilometer from the Temple Street’s junction with Jordan Road and ends five blocks north of Kansu Street and lies in close proximity to many 4 star hotel Hong Kong. Temple Street derives its name from the famous Yau Ma Tei Tin Hau Temple, one the many Tin Hau Temples in Hong Kong dedicated to the mythical Goddess of the Sea which is located in the street’s centre. The market itself dates to the 1920s and remains a popular nighttime recreational venue among locals and tourists. Hong Kong’s busiest and liveliest Night Market, the Temple Street Night Market begins in the early afternoon and continues until midnight each day. For the throngs of visitors that frequently visit the Market, the Market has much to offer ranging from cheap shopping to local street food to live entertainment. Centrally located, Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong offers convenient access to the excitement of the Temple Street Night Market.

Lining the street are numerous stalls selling items ranging from cheap electronics to clothing, leather, jewellery and cookware at bargain prices. Visitors can enjoy traditional Chinese Operatic performances while sampling popular Chinese dishes such as the ‘Clay Pot Hot-Pot Rice’ and scrumptious sea food dishes prepared at ‘dai pai dong’ or small food stalls that line the street. The many Fortune-tellers and Feng Shui experts that frequent the Night Market offer not merely valuable advice to willing customers but also add to the authentic ‘touch’ of a traditional Chinese Night Market.

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