Attractions in Nizwa are numerous and range from the Nizwa Fort and the Falaj Daris to the Nizwa Souq.

Nizwa Souq: One of the Most Important Souqs in Oman

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The Muttrah Souq in the city of Muttrah is considered to be one of the oldest marketplaces in the region. The Nizwa Souq is considered to be the second most important of such marketplaces. Therefore, it is almost always on the Oman sightseeing list of any tourist visiting the country.


Opening Hours of the Nizwa Souq
The Nizwa Souq can be found near the Nizwa Fort. Hotels such as Alila Jabal Akhdar will arrange transport to the Souq if requested. The Souq is open from Saturday to Thursday from 9am to 1pm and 5pm to 8pm. However, on Fridays, the Souq is only open in the evenings from 5pm to 8pm.


Shopping at the Nizwa Souq


The Nizwa Souq sells a myriad of goods. These include fruits, vegetables, different types of meat as well as freshly caught fish. Furthermore, it is the go to place for items such as dates, gold and silverware.


Purchase Swords at the Nizwa Souq


The city of Nizwa is well known for its silverware, swords and daggers. In fact, the craftsmen of Nizwa are well known for making the curved dagger known as Khanjar. Furthermore, numerous types of swords can be purchased at this Souq.

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