Dance in Thailand is a very important aspect of the culture and is one of the most dramatic forms of art that still exists. Unfortunately most of these dances have been influenced by Western as well as other Asian forms and it is not always easy to find the traditional and pure forms of these performances.

There are broadly two types of dance forms in Thailand, namely classical and the regional dances. It is in the regional category that folk dance has its place.

Folk dancing in Thailand is commonly called ‘Fawn Thai’ and broadly falls into five different types. The Fawn Tian is a candle dance, Fawn Ngiew is a scarf dance, Fawn Marn Mong Kol is the happy dance, Fawn Leb is a fingernail dance and Fawn Marn Gumm Ber is the butterfly dance.

All these dances are accompanied by traditional music played on traditional musical instruments, and were originally performed in the royal palace courts of Siam. As with all Thai dances, the folk kind too is an endless stream of artistic and graceful movements that is pure poetry. Every movement whilst graceful is also full of expression.

As with all such folk performances, Thai folk dances too speak of a story that is harmonised by the musical element that accompanies the performances. If visiting Thailand and you have the opportunity to visit the villages and attend festivals held frequently then do not miss out on such a prospect as it would truly bring home a sense of true Thai spirit and culture.

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