Sri Lankan food is packed with flavours and spices that will leave you craving for more. Sri Lankans understand that breakfast is the most important meal for the day, and therefore make it quite extra ordinary.


String hoppers

Image Credit-Viewfinder18Idiyappam with Egg Masala CurryCC BY-SA 4.0

String hoppers are made of rice flour and resemble a palm size of “strings”. String hoppers are a popular breakfast item and are eaten in many households. These can be eaten with dhal / chicken curry.



Also known as milk rice, these tasty triangle sized servings of rice cooked in milk will leave your mouth watering for hours after! Eat this with chicken curry and lunu miris; an onion and chilli sambol.



Dhal is one of the most commonly used food items in Sri Lanka. You’ll get a serving of dhal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Many restaurants in Galle, especially those in hotels such as Cantaloupe Aqua. will serve up dhal curry in their Sri Lankan buffet corner.



A coconut based sambol of chilli and other spices are a staple on the island. Try eating this with string hoppers, bread and sometimes even with rice.

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