Sri Lanka is fast becoming a whale and dolphin watching hot spot. Dondra Point together with other locations offers marvellous views of the gentle giants. Visit one of the spots below for a real treat.

Dolphin | Via-Wikimedia,CC0

Getting Ready

When booking trips whale watchers need to identify a boat with proper equipment such as life jackets in varying sizes, GPS, UHF radio and nautical charts, comfortable seating and utilities such as toilettes and fresh water on board. Many outfits that offer whale watching have websites and can be contacted directly.


As a peninsular the area in the north-western Maritime province in Sri Lanka is ideally situated to witness a wide range of whale species including Eden’s whales, sperm whales, pilot whales, Bryde’s whales and the illusive blue whale. Bottlenose dolphins as well as Risso’s dolphins are also found in large schools off the coast of Kalpitiya during the official whale watching season which takes place from the month of September to May.


Another whale watching hotspot on the eastern coast Trincomalee is more than a beach holiday hub for the masses. Base yourself in a hotel in Anuradhapura the likes of Ulagalla during whale watching seasons; March – April and August – September. Home to the most expansive submerged canyon in the island the area offers unmatched whale watching opportunities for visitors and locals alike. The


The Dondra canyon has been identified as one of the best venues to witness massive blue whales congregate to feed on plankton flowers in the region. The best time to head to Dondra for a whale watching excursion are between the months from October to November and then again from March onwards till May.

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