A glitzy neighbourhood at heart, Sharjah is a fascinating city. From its picturesque skyline of Islamic architecture to its cityscape structure, it is palpable to the visitor that there are many things one can do in the city. Amidst its blooming Islamic culture that can be vividly seen around the city, from its brilliant mosques to its majestic minarets, Sharjah is a populous city that thrives through its commercial and residential background, even though its strong culture and elegance still remains.

Whilst travelling around the city, one can find a trip to Sharjah Desert Park truly fulfilling. Located only 20 Kilometres from the metropolis city centre, the park lies between Sharjah and Al Dhaid and is regarded as a centralized area for the top tourist attractions in the city. Most of the several attractions found within the region relate to fascinating wildlife that is present in the Arabian Peninsula.

Regarded as the only zoo in Arabia, the Arabian Wildlife Centre located in the area is a one of a kind park. Housing more than 100 species belonging to the animal kingdom, all the animals that can be seen in the wildlife centre are indigenous to the Arabian culture and its arid desert lands. Established in 1999, the centre has done their utmost level to protect these animals by creating natural habitats for their dwelling purposes. The creation of the natural surroundings is stunning to witness as the roaming animals freely move around, harmonious in their spacious and safe environment. In addition to creating a natural habitat, the centre further does their part in promoting awareness of species deemed endangered and those who are on the brink of becoming extinct. Having an amazing variety of fauna, the diversity of the natural vegetations including trees, plants, shrubbery and bushes are all which grow in the peninsula.

Snuggled within the area, Arabian Wildlife Park is a much loved attraction to the people as it is a zoological splendour housing a rare collection of species. Touring around the area, one will encounter many endangered animals. Most of the endangered animals have been give a lending hand by the park as there are is a breeding centre within the area that successfully breeds animals.

Facilitating comfort to the animals, there are many attractions to see. Boasting a number of exciting animal-life, some of the highlights include the bird aviary, the nocturnal house and the fish, reptile and insect house. Here, travellers can witness the fluttering of the Indian Roller Birds and Houbara Bustard among other birds such as flamingos and song birds. Apart from the aviary, the nocturnal house is another enticement, tugging the attention of the travellers as it is home to various animals such as porcupines, foxes, rodents and mongoose. Tucked away in the desert trains, the environs are suitable for these animals where sand cats and wildcats are also seen nearby.

Heightening the adventurous souls of the visitors, there is pathway to a cave that captures an array of cave fish. The spine tingling tour of the reptile house is also another attraction, which not only gives you the sudden chills but also a sense of admiration at their nature. A trip worth the visit, you can easily learn more about the reptile kingdom from their striking stances to their motifs. The remarkable dwellings are fascinating to see which is further emphasized by the slithering collection of adders, vipers, lizards and scorpions. Other animals that could be seen scurrying and scampering around are hyena, wolves, cheetahs and baboons.

A perfect place to enjoy a pleasant time with your family, visiting the park will be an educational and adventurous experience, one that will be unforgettable. For memorable encounters and stimulating experiences, those who want to undertake a leisure trip to Sharjah have many Abu Dhabi resorts to choose from. Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara is one such resort that offers a look into the rugged beauty of the country. This Abu Dhabi resort has an air of evocativeness that simply lures you into its heavenly retreat, overlooking the Arabian Gulf waters.