The island nation of Sri Lanka is a fascinating country to explore, offering many attractions for the visitor. An outstanding accommodation choice in this intriguing island would be beach villas Sri Lanka offers such as the Calamansi Cove by Jetwing. This appealing accommodation offers well-laid out rooms and many convenient amenities.

The picturesque Madu River is a lovely attraction that will undoubtedly appeal to the nature lover. A remarkable aspect of this river is its exceptional biodiversity. You will find a diverse variety of plants, fish, insects, amphibians, mammals, reptiles and birds in this natural wonder including many kinds of aquatic and wetland creatures. In fact there are 70 kinds of fish, 25 kinds of molluscs, 50 varieties of butterflies and 31 kinds of reptiles in this amazing marvel of nature. These diverse varieties of creatures all interact and sustain each other in this flourishing aquatic ecosystem. Visitors may have the opportunity to observe this thriving natural showcase which has evolved over the centuries.
Bird lovers will be interested to know that there are a host of fascinating avian varieties to be seen at Madu River; there are in fact no less than 111 recorded species of birds in the vicinity of the river. Of these some varieties are wandering species that arrive in this area on their annual migrations.

The Madu River ecosystem features a large area of mangroves, which create a splendid environment for the aquatic creatures described above. In fact no less than 14 different mangrove varieties may be found in the area. It has been found that there are a total of 302 plant varieties in the Madu River area, of which some 19 are native to the region.
The area surrounding the river is verdant and picturesque and will appeal to visitors who are appreciative of luxuriant nature. Visitors will also have the opportunity to observe the numerous islets that may be seen within the river itself.

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