Mount Lavinia isn’t just another suburb found in Colombo; it is home to one of the most popular beaches found in the entire country. In fact, this residential region is renowned for its ‘Golden Mile” – a stretch of coastline that has long been a hotspot of local beachgoers and tourists alike.

The Location

The Mount Lavinia Beach islocated within the administrative boundaries of the Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia municipal limits. This means it is surrounded by some of the best beach hotels in Colombo – for example, the Berjaya Hotel Colombo. So, if you’re lounging around in one of these resorts, be sure to head out and have some fun in the sun.

The Beach

The beach itself is surprisingly spacious, making for an excellent location to just sit, relax, and bathe in the tropical sun.The waters that border the beach are also surprisingly calm and often display a brilliant shade of azure blue.

The Atmosphere

Being located in the heart of a very busy suburb, the beach gets a fair share of visitors every day. The constant chatter and music. All of this makes for a hearty and festive atmosphere that’ll make your visit that much more memorable.

Beachside Activities

If you’re in the mood to get your blood pumping, there’s plenty of exciting activities to try out at Mount Lavinia Beach. You can try some exciting water sports like surfing or wind-sailing out in the open water! There’s also a number of bars and cafes that make for a great stop if you’re in the mood for a snack or drink.