The Holy Land is the term used for those sites in the Middle East where three of the great religions originated; Christianity, Judaism and Islam all had their origins and chronicled history in this part of the world. Christians in their thousands congregate on these sacred sites arriving from locations all across the globe.

Bethlehem is understandably one of the foremost locations on the itinerary of Christian pilgrims. Located on the West Bank, Bethlehem is venerated by Christians the world over as the place of birth of Jesus, the Son of God and the Messiah. One of the most revered sites here is the Church of the Nativity, one of the most ancient churches of Christianity.

Christian pilgrims also make it a point to visit Nazareth, where Mary and Joseph had their home, and Jesus spent his youth. Numerous holy sites are found here, including the Basilica of the Annunciation, Franciscan Church of St. Joseph and the Greek Orthodox Church of the Archangel Gabriel.

Naturally Jerusalem is an essential destination on tours to the Holy Land, as this legendary city figures prominently in the stories of the Bible. Innumerable sites of interest may be found in Jerusalem, one of the most venerated and intriguing cities on the globe.

Christians will also be fascinated by the Sea of Galillee, with its many Biblical associations and Gospel references which connect it with the life story and teachings of the Saviour, Jesus Christ. Additionally its attractive beaches are a magnet for vacationers of all nationalities.

Another highlight is Mount Sinai, which is reputed to be the site where the prophet Moses received the revered Ten Commandments. Here you will find the Greek Orthodox Monastery of St. Catherine.

Not to be overlooked is the River Jordan in the country of the same name, where John the Baptist performed the baptism of Jesus. Other sites of religious interest are to be found in the environs of the river.

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Uditha Dharmawardhane is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Roland Lefevre. He specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe.