Every province and every district in the island of Sri Lanka has some attraction or the other. Sri Lanka is a nation blessed with the best of all worlds. Scenic beauty, religious monuments, cultural creations; you get it all in Sri Lanka. In addition to all these features, the island is blessed with some of the most amazing species of wild life.

There are several wild life sanctuaries in the island, the most popular of which is the Yala National Park. The Yala National Park is the second largest wildlife park in the island that is well known for its highest leopard concentration in the world. Every year the Yala Park enjoys thousands of visitors who come to get a glimpse of the islands amazing species thriving in their natural habitats. Since the National Park is made up of primarily shrub jungle, it is important to plan your excursion into the park in order to maximize your chances of spotting your favorite species. Experts say that sunrise and sunset are the best times to spot the most number of species. As a result several visitors spend the night at one of the many hotels in Yala and rise early to begin their excursion. Hotels like the Secret Yala, even organizes the excursion for you which includes a packed breakfast that you can have on your way.

Yala is adorned with an amazing set of species. Once you begin your bumpy adventure on an open hooded safari jeep, you will begin to spot the common animals one by one. Sambar Spotted Deers, the Mangoose, water monitors, crocodiles, elephants, wild buffaloes, Langur, macaque monkeys and peacocks are readily sighted as they are found in plenty. Sometimes you may even spot some of these animals in action; like male peacocks dancing for the prized pea hen, or crocodile devouring its prey or monitors fighting in a battle. Leopards are Yala’s biggest attractions but they are not always readily sighted. Be vigilant, choose the right time of the day and right the month in year and look high on the trees and you may possibly get to see one or two of these ferocious creatures.

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