The island of Koh Phangan is an excellent place for trekking as it has many natural areas with minimal human disturbance which are excellent for treks. The Khao Ra hill and the Bottle Beach route are some of the more popular treks on the island.
The island of Koh Phangan, located on the Gulf of Thailand, is one of the most popular backpacker destinations in the world. This island is also known for its lovely beaches and Full Moon Parties, making it quite a popular tourist destination.

Koh Phangan has several thick, undisturbed jungles, hills with luscious greenery and rock formations, and therefore is an ideal location for treks. The many backpackers and tourists who visit the island often engage in trekking through the dense and mysterious jungles or along its steep hills and thereby take on the challenge of conquering these undisturbed jungles and hills.

There are many recognized trekking routes in Koh Phangan going through lovely and thick jungles, steeply ascending hills and massive rock formations, which are assured to give anyone a trekking experience of a lifetime. One of the most famous hills of this island; Khao Ra, which stands 630m tall, is considered to be a challenging and adventurous trek. Many tourists accept the challenge of conquering this steep hill, as this trek is both demanding and exciting. Another exciting route which is easier to handle, but equally enjoyable, is the Bottle Beach route. This trek goes along a gradually thickening dirt path, and eventually leads to the beautiful Bottle Beach which happens to be an excellent snorkelling site as well.
A more challenging, yet enjoyable trek, is the Haad Yuan & Haad Thian route on the Northeast part of the island. This trek which is quite demanding at the start tends to get easier along the way, and has a glorious view of the surrounding area and the neighbouring Koh Samui Island. Phaeng Waterfall National Park is also an excellent place to trek, as it has several pathways through lush greenery which lead to the magnificent waterfall.
Koh Phangan also has Elephant Trekking, which offers the same thrills of trekking, while riding on a regal Asian elephant. It is advised that guides accompany trekkers, as there is a possibility that one might get lost, but other than for that trekking in Koh Phangan is a wonderful and extremely refreshing experience.
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