The shores of Oman are quite famous destinations for the numerous species of sea turtles that arrive in large numbers from the Red Sea, Arabian Gulf and Somalia respectively to lay their eggs. During a holiday in Oman why not take time to discover this truly memorable experience? Nature lovers looking for a Muscat hotel should try Millennium Resort Mussanah which is an Oman Muscat hotel.

Schedule a trip to the shores of Daymaniyat islands, Dhofar or Masirah Island where you will be able to witness the Loggerhead Turtle nesting at night. However those in search of the famed Green Turtle should head over to the beaches of Ras Al Jinz and Ras Al Hadd while the Hawksbill Turtle can be found resting on the coast of Muscat and Ad Daymaniyat Islands. However one should lie in wait when the hatchlings try their utmost to escape to the calm waters of the ocean before falling prey to birds, crabs and foxes.

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