Busan is regarded as the medical hub city of North East Asia. The city rose to fame due to its highly advanced medical infrastructure as well as the human and material resources. The medical staff here are highly skilled with rich experiences from University hospitals.

If you’re in Busan for your own medical needs or accompanying one of your loved ones there is plenty of Busan accommodation to choose from such as Citadines Haeundae Busan. Most of them are within easy reach of the medical facilities of the city. Due to the sophisticated care provided, there are many international patients coming into Busan.

Due to serving many international patients the waiting time at most medical institutions is around two weeks. Most medical facilities offer services in English, Japanese, Chinese and Russian. One of the key attractive features of Busan is that the medical costs are around 20%- 30% of that of the United States. This is much lower than those in Singapore as well as China.

Some of the specialised areas of care provided by Busan are health checkups, dental surgery, plastic surgery, skin care, obstetrics, herbal remedies, and orthopaedic surgery among others.

Getting bored of the routines and hospitals? Why not get away from it and boost your spirits! Some of the historical and cultural places that are worth visiting include the Beomeosa temple, while horse-racing, pottery and local tea ceremonies are experiences well worth having too. There are various maritime cruises organised as well such as Panstar Cruise, Tiffany 21, Diamond Cruise, Haeundae Cruise, Haeundae Jagalchi Cruise and the Taejongdae Cruise. Those who love the outdoors can also enjoy some cycling, horse racing, scuba diving, wind surfing, yachting, sea kayaking and paragliding when in Busan.

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