When you’re a little tired of gazing at camels in the UAE, this splendid emirate features an array of animal attractions sure to prove entertaining for the entire family. Ensure you look a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi as part of your time in the locality, and the Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi is an ideal of option quality accommodation Abu Dhabi has to offer discerning travellers. The Al Ain Zoo has been a popular family feature ever since its opening in 1968. A large collection of local wildlife and reptiles, large cats, and giraffes call the place home. There is also a petting zoo onsite, featuring Shetland Ponies, rabbits and other little critters for your little ones to interact with. Swim, frolic, and play with the dolphins at the Dubai Dolphinarium, which features dolphin and seal shows where these amazing creatures perform a fantastic array of stunts that never fail to marvel audiences. You can also pose for a photo with these playful beings. At the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoon, you will come across the world’s largest suspended aquarium. The Underwater Zoo is spread over three floors at the Dubai Mall, and its star attraction is its shark population. The Emirates Park Zoo is the perfect locale for a day out with the family, as a family friendly farm onsite lets the kids play with a wide array of critters, and all ages will enjoy the facilities such as a games centre, cafes, and a mosque. If reptiles intrigue you, then Exo-Terra is the place for you, as it resembles a cave and is filled to the brim with everything reptilian and slithery, which you can witness from behind glass windows. You can even get your picture taken with, or hold these beings if you are the non-squeamish type. With such a wide array of animal attractions scattered across the UAE, families can go wild in the desert!

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