Renowned as one of Qatar’s most popular indoor recreational and entertainment spaces, the Jungle Zone is no ordinary theme park in the Middle Eastern powerhouse. Ideally located inside the Hyatt Plaza, this sprawling indoor entertainment hub is tucked away down Waab Street. Conveniently situated next to the iconic Khalifa Stadium, the Jungle Zone boasts a host of attractions designed exclusively for children. Encompassing all the whimsy and energy of a children’s playground, the Jungle Zone Theme Park is the preferred haunt of local families and visitors alike due to its inviting and inclusive nature.

Accessible to children of all ages, the Jungle Zone Theme Park welcomes visitors daily from 10am to 10pm on weekends and from 1pm to 10pm on understandably less crowded weekdays. Kids aged 3 and above can join in the rides and games at the indoor park as the age limit is set at 18 years so families with children of varying ages can all indulge in a day of fun and laughter at the venue. Littered with engaging rides and challenging games, the ‘wild nature of the jungle world’-themed park transports visitors to a thick tropical jungle atmosphere complete with obstacles and attractions. Some of the venue’s chief highlights are of course the Mini Rodeo which takes participants through forest-like terrain while the Wild Flume plummets visitors down a mountain on the rapids of a river.

Adrenalin junkies will love the Crazy Jump ride as well as the Super Jumper, which affords stunning views of the park’s surroundings. The locale’s go-cart arena is dubbed the Lion’s Lair while those who wish to scale castle walls can live out their dreams at both the Adventure Castle and the Fun Castle where climbing, sliding, jumping, and all methods of exploration are encouraged. The Jungle Train is a classic amusement park ride for the whole family while the Honey Swing is equally thrilling. Eureka is another popular game at the locale, which also houses a video arcade for die-hard gaming fanatics. Bumper Cars, Redemption Games, and Top Dancer are other points of interest within the park which also contains Pop Ups and its very own Kids Club with membership benefits. Known as the best place to host children’s birthday festivities, the Jungle Zone welcomes 200,000 kids annually.

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