Within a booming modern infrastructure and an extraordinary cityscape there are deep roots of heritage and culture. Although many age old buildings have now been replaced by newer structures, the significant ones still stands tall, emulating the rich Omani heritage from the years gone by. Among all Oman’s age old treasures, the Jibreen Castle stands out. A structure that goes back to 1670, this building with its unique architecture and concepts is one attraction you would not want to miss in Oman. So book a resort in Oman like the Alila Jabal Akdhar and explore Jibreen and all the wonders it beholds.

A masterpiece of Al Immam Bil Arab bin Sultan Al Y’aribi; one of the most renowned architects of the time, the Jibreen castle was designed to mirror some of the most remarkable structures of the period it was constructed in. On completion the Imaam made it his home and it became his bastion during war time. The large rectangular building is made up of 5 floors with a total of 55 rooms. In the middle of the castle one can find Al Falaj which differs from the remainder of the castle in its frescoes and inscriptions. Throughout the castle all ceilings are embellished with rich paintings and Islamic Era art. The doors are beautifully carved exhibiting fine craftsmanship of the Omani workers from that era.

The Jibreen Castle is divided into 2 main parts and the castles rooms are divided among these 2 sections. One of the most beautiful rooms in the castle is the Sun and Moon Room. As it was the room where the Immaam met other dignitaries, it portrays such a lot of exquisite art that is particularly eye catching. 14 windows are neatly placed in this chamber most of which are found either close to the ceiling or floors owing to the unusually cool conditions of the room. Another interesting area in the castle is the Immam Protection Room. Built in a manner where soldiers could hide beneath the room’s surface, the Immaam met suspicious persons from this location.

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