In Nashville, Tennessee the traditional Fourth of July celebrations are held on the banks of the Cumberland River as well as Riverfront Park. The lovely riverfront view is a fitting backdrop to the fireworks display that occurs during the night as the lights are reflected off the glistening water.

The Fourth of July may just be the most important day in the United States of America, as it commemorates the declaration of independence from the British Crown. In 1776 following the American Revolution the thirteen colonies declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain and embarked upon what would be a trailblazing attempt to formulate a just and fair land.

The American Revolution began in 1763 as an uprising against increased taxation but slowly gained momentum and morphed into a full blown struggle for independence. This bore fruit in 1776 as the thirteen states voted unanimously to reject the British monarchy. The driving force behind the revolution was its ideology; many in the United States had grown increasingly wary of the British monarchy’s attempts to regulate their daily life. Thus, the march for freedom was for liberalism and religious tolerance.

The victory for freedom over oppression and tyranny is represented in the Fourth of July celebrations that are conducted all over the United States. It is essentially a family holiday with many opting to celebrate the day with a barbeque or a picnic with their loved ones. The holiday is also known for its extravagant fireworks displays that are seen in many of the major cities across the country.

It is no surprise that a country music concert is held at Nashville, the capital of country music, featuring popular artistes each year. All of these events are well attended with participants being promised an unforgettable Fourth of July Experience.

For visitors staying at Downtown Nashville hotels such as Millennium Maxwell House Nashville the celebrations are within easy reach. Guests at Nashville TN hotels are more than welcome to mix in with the locals and share in the joyous celebration of independence that has changed the course of the United States.