The Kosgoda sea turtle Hatchery is a conservation project aimed at educating the public about the importance of conserving the endangered creatures and also to monitor the activities of the turtles in the surrounding areas and to observe their nestling habits. Listed as one of the must dos’ for those visiting the Southern coast of Sri Lanka , this definitely is a fun activity for both the adults and children alike.

The Southern province of the island boasts of some of the most glorious beaches in Sri Lanka. Villas have become a popular accomodation option among visitors. A well recommended villas option in Kosgoda would be Saffron & Blue by Jetwing. Its name is derived from the golden beaches surrounding it and the clear blue ocean front. The villa sits amidst tropical gardens and has luxurious comfortable suits and a pool to unwind.

The turtle hatchery is very inviting to the visitors.The primary work done by the team at the hatchery is to rescue very young turtles and eggs and provide them shelter and provide suitable conditions for the eggs to hatch, as this is the stage that is most crucial for the sea turtles as many don’t make it into adulthood. The hatchlings are kept in safe environments away from predators and released once they reach a certain age.

The funds to maintain this project is raised through fundraising and grants. The hatchery pays the fishermen money for any turtle eggs brought into the hatchery, the turtle hatchery also shelters disabled turtles as well as albino turtles that would not survive under natural conditions.

The hatchery started its operations in 1988 and since has released approximately 3.5 million turtles into the wild. Annually around 1000 turtles make it to maturity and survive.

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