Manila, the “pearl of the orient”, is a thriving metropolis that houses a melting pot of rich cultures and religions. Its impressive heritage saturates the city, and is also apparent in all buildings that bear traces of the colonial and traditional Filipino influences. Visitors to this iconic Asian city are treated to an authentic Manila hotel experience at the Heritage Hotel Manila, a fine hotel in Manila whose tasteful elegance and stylish interiors pay homage to the city’s impressive lineage. Culture vultures can take a fascinating glimpse into the waves of people who compose the country’s multicultural tapestry at the National Museum of the Filipino People, which houses the archaeological and anthropological section of the national museum. Witness the birth of the Filipino nation with a record of the country’s formative era that span the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Metal and Ceramic ages of the islands. Experience awe at the archaeological record of the practical aspects of ancients cultures on the islands, which includes a riveting record of ancient burial rituals that bears some similarity to the solemnity of Egyptian mummification. The ethnographic record bears witness to the multitude of influences, both cultural and environmental, on the people who resided on the islands, and who were ultimately and irrevocably sculpted by those experiences to result in the colourful linguistic and ethnic diversity that paints modern Filipino culture.