Seminyak, also referred to as the island’s upscale beach area is a place travellers shouldn’t miss. The town is well known for its fine sunsets over the water and plenty of entertainment events that rock the beaches all evening. Seminyak which makes up a large part of Bali, is also home to many places of historical and cultural significance. The Petitenget Temple is one such site that captures the attention of local and international tourists alike.

Getting there isn’t an issue thanks to many places to stay like Alila Seminyak Bali which are situated within walking distance to the site. The temple is much revered and travellers may seek accommodation at any nearby inn, resort or hotel, Seminyak has to offer. The temple dates back to the 15th century and is located next to Petitenget Beach. The word ‘Petitenget’ translates to ‘haunted coven’ which in the eyes of tourists and in all respect to the temple, may seem quite fitting considering its appearance. It is largely believed by locals that whoever entered the jungle fell ill and so it was thought to have been caused by an evil spirit called ‘Bhuti Ijo’. The locals then consulted a priest who advised that a shrine be built in the jungle and so marked the beginning of this temple. The jungles at the time were quite dark and gloomy and are definitely not so anymore thanks to the scenery that envelops its environs. Today, the temple remains partly covered in vines and ferns and many other creepers, though it certainly emanates a sense of peace and calm.

The temple itself is quite a spectacle with its doors and other interior elements embellished in intricate wood carvings. Its walls are made up of red bricks making it appear antique in nature. Climbing its dragon staircase takes you to its vast courtyard which houses many shrines adorned with Balinese chequered cloth. The architecture of the temple is marvellous and is a reflection of the skills of Balinese men of the 15th century.

The Petitenget Temple today hosts many religious ceremonies and is a place of regular worship. The temple has over the years grown to become a favourite among tourists world over and is a must-see attraction.

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