A trip to the Northern Province will not be complete without a trip to the Minneriya National Park. Tourists who visit the park during the months of May to September have the opportunity to witness herds of majestic giants gathered in the park. The sanctuary which was declared a national park in 1997 is located 182 km away from the capital Colombo. When in search for Sri Lanka resorts in Habarana, a stay at a leading hotel such as Cinnamon Lodge Habarana will give tourists convenient access to many sought after attractions in the vicinity.
Entrance to the park is located on the Habarana- Polonnaruwa road and your journey starts from a dirt road through the dense forest. After a 40 minute drive, an open landscape comes into sight where you will be able to spot the exotic wildlife. Apart from herds of elephants that frequent the park during the dry season, visitors could also spot flocks of painted storks, herons, pelicans and cormorants fishing in the shallow waters. Minneriya National Park is home to species that range from mammals, birds, reptiles to fish and butterfly. Spot the famous Sri Lankan leopard or two if you are really lucky and species such as sloth bears, sambar deer, purple-faced leaf monkey and spotted deer during your visit to the Minneriya National Park.
Many wildlife enthusiasts and photographers visit the park to spot the Asian elephants. The gathering of the elephants was listed as number 6 in the Lonely Planet’s Guide to Natural Wildlife Spectacles of the World and rated number one on top 5 things to do in Habarana by Tripadvisor. During your next visit to Habarana make sure to head out to the Minneriya National Park and check out the amazing wildlife.


Shehera Fioni is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Catalina Forbes. Her content is based on many thrilling escapades offered to travellers across the world.