The big blue oceans cover 71% of our planet and they are home to some of the most wondrous animals on earth. Meet some of these extraordinary creatures and learn about their amazing world at the Underwater World in Sunshine Coast.
The Underwater World SEA LIFE Mooloolaba Aquarium is located in Caloundra, Queensland near Australia’s beloved Sunshine Coast beach. Travellers planning on heading over to the aquarium and wondering of a conveniently located Caloundra accommodation will find the prestigious Oaks Oasis a most ideal option as not only does it provide well appointed lodgings but it is also within just 30 minutes distance away.

Be absolutely awed at the range of attractions at Underwater World SEA LIFE. Come face to fin with array of fish including 20 species of ray and shark! The Sharks Alive attraction is an exciting snorkelling experience that will have you swimming in a 260 ft shark tunnel with fish such as rays, moray eels, grey nurse sharks, sandbar whalers, whitetip reef sharks, and zebra sharks. Say hello to the absolutely adorable seals at Seal Island and meet the ocean’s creepy crawlies such as the giant Japanese spider crabs, robber crabs, Christmas Island red and blue crabs and more of the world’s other largest marine, land and migratory crab species at the Crawly Creatures attraction.

More attractions of the Underwater World SEA LIFE Mooloolaba Aquarium include Tidal Touchpool- where you will be able to touch sea stars, the Seahorse Sanctuary that contains 3 new species of graceful seahorses, Pacific Reef with its colourful collection of tropical fish, the Turtle Temple with its rehabilitated turtles and many, many more attractions! The Underwater World in Sunshine Coast is a journey of discovering the hidden treasures and creatures that reside under our oceans…

Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers. Google+