Oman is a country in the Middle East that has recently become a popular holiday spot in the region. A country with a rich culture and strong attachments to its roots, it is the ideal vacation choice for international visitors who want to learn more about life in the Middle East. The country boasts a few amazing beaches and enjoys bright beach weather almost every day of the year. There are also many interesting things to see here. Among the sights that should not be missed, the Wadi Dayqah Dam should be at the top of the itinerary of fun.

Oman is a desert nation, but tourists who expect a dry dusty country will quickly change their minds when they see the Wadi Dayqah Dam. Opened in March 2012, the dam is the largest in the country. The reservoir spans an area of over 350 hectares and most visitors will be stunned to see such a large body of water in such an arid landscape that houses Oman. The dam was built to store water from the Wadi Dayqah, one of the few rivers in Oman that flows without interruption throughout the year and is prone to flooding.

Studies into the building of a dam began in 1978, and several studies were conducted over the subsequent decades before construction on the dam finally began. The careful planning was to ensure that the surrounding area would not suffer a drastically negative impact. The dam is about four hundred metres in length and seventy four metres in height. This impressive structure is best viewed from the visitors’ centre, which provides an excellent aerial overview.

The best time to visit Oman is during the winter as it is quite warm during other times of the year. The country has fine infrastructure and tourists need not forgo their comforts. Finding a luxury Oman Muscat hotel will not be too difficult as there are many quality places to choose from. The Millennium Resort Mussanah is one of the best places to try out. The hotel is located on the coast and affords stunning views of the Gulf of Oman. Carefully designed with tastefully furnished rooms, the Muscat hotel comes with all the necessary amenities for a great business or leisure visit.

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