Constantly teeming with crowds, the Wat Chalong temple attempts to preserve its serenity. It is the ideal place to observe fascinating forms of worship, while also capturing the architectural magnificence of its temples. Another factor that contributes to the pristine nature of Phuket, Thailand is the Andaman Sea. If you want to gain a holistic experience of this area choose Point Yamu by COMO Phuket. The hotel is decidedly the most perfect Phuket luxury resort. Dwell in luxury, as the hotel offers you a wide variety of suites and villas, which overlook the Andaman Sea and the dramatic lime stones of Phang Nga Bay. You are sure to enjoy peace, quiet and colour on your trip to Phuket; as the calm of the Wat Chalong temple and the luxury afforded by the hotel blend perfectly.

Hints of gold and intricate architectural details adorn Wat Chalong. However, much significance is attached to The Grand Pagodathat is known to contain a bone splinter from the lord Buddha. The walls of the Pagoda are works of art, as murals of the Lord Buddha’s life and teachings are etched beautifully. These murals can be admired and revered on the first and second levels of the tower. The third level offers a surprise to all visitors. The view of the landscape is splendid, but the most engaging sight is the statue of the Big Buddha of Phuket. Be armed with a camera, but converse in low tones while respecting the sanctity of the temple.

The occasional boom of firecrackers might be slightly baffling to visitors but be aware that devotees engage in this practice to make merit to Lord Buddha. As the sacredness of the temple is of great importance, it is mandatory that you dress respectfully. It is in preserving the sanctity of the temple that you are left with a feeling of peace.

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