The Hong Kong Wetland Park is a conserved region situated in northern Tin Shui Wai in Yuen Long. The park serves as an education centre and is also a highly popular tourist attraction as well. It comprises of a sixty hectare wetland reserve, a large visitor centre and the Wetland Interactive World. The idea for the park was developed by the Agriculture and Fisheries Department in 1998. The wetland park contains several themed exhibits which aim to educate the public on topics such as conservation and biodiversity. Visitors will also come across a variety of animals found in Hong Kong including Pui Pui, the park’s resident crocodile.

    The Wetland Park is open every day (except Tuesday) from 10 am to 5 pm. It is also open on all public holidays. Tickets are priced at HK$ 30 per person with special discounts for large groups. Getting here by bus is quite easy, with the park featured on several major routes. Those coming by MTR can get off at either the Wetland Park Station or the Tin Shui Wai Station and then take a short walk. Those planning on visiting the wetland park should remember to check the weather forecast beforehand, wear comfortable clothes and shoes and bring along some insect repellent. Visitors should also check the tidal levels before they visit as it is easier to spot birds, mudskippers and fiddler crabs when the tides are low.

   Hong Kong (which means ‘Fragrant Harbour’ in Cantonese) is a Special Administrative Region of China. Although small in area, travellers will find plenty of things to do here. The city has a plethora of galleries, museums and parks to visit. It was a British colony until 1997 and while it stays true to its Chinese roots it still remains one of the most westernised cities in China. The unique blend of eastern and western cultures make the city the perfect place to start an expedition into China.
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