While the south coast of Sri Lanka is known the world over for its beaches, this part of the country has also become one of the best places from which to embark on an exciting whale watching tour. One area popular with this family friendly activity is Mirissa and those in search of Sri Lanka tours which include whale watching here can make use of the tours offered by Jetwing Travels. This reputed Sri Lanka travel company also offers a range of other tours to key destinations around the island.

Located along the south coast, Mirissa draws locals and foreigners alike eager to set off on whale watching tours. The waters around this coastal region have become a hotspot for seeing Blue Whales in particular especially during the migratory season. Excursions set off from the Mirissa Harbour in the mornings with October to April generally considered the best period for this activity. Apart from Blue Whales, one may even get a chance to see Sperm Whales along with playful Spinner Dolphins who inhabit these waters. While there is no guarantee of spotting these majestic whales, part of the fun is embarking on the voyage in search of adventure.

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