A river cruise is a wonderful concept that most tourists are warming up to these days. Why? It is because you get to experience many places while you don’t have to go through the gruelling process of travelling by road and unpacking and repacking. Here’s what not to forget when packing for a cruise.

Image credit- Unsplash,
Hitoshi Namura,CC0

Comfort is important

While on holiday, comfort is the most important thing for anyone. So, try to pack light but pack right! Include a light-weight cross-body bag so that you can stuff all your belongings in it when you go on excursions off the vessel.

Keep the weather in mind

In which season do you wish to travel? Is it spring, summer or autumn? If you plan on travelling during the summer, you know that the weather will be constantly warm and bright with occasional rain. However, the weather during spring and autumn is unpredictable so be prepared with a few warm clothes as well.

Casual outfits

If you are on a river cruise on Mekong River, there may be times when excursions take longer than usual, and you have no time to get dressed for dinner. So, bring a few tops that can be worn both casually and smart casual. River cruises by Mekong Kingdoms or any other agent sometimes include a special dinner on the last night, so pack a fancier outfit for this.

Keep space in mind

Remember that the rooms in a river cruise cabin aren’t as big as the rooms at a normal hotel. So there might not be much space to keep too many suitcases.